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A dental crown is used to cover a tooth that is decayed or damaged. Dental crowns can be constructed using a variety of materials depending on the need. Porcelain crowns have opalescence very similar to your natural teeth.

Dental crowns used to be all metal or even metal with porcelain on top. These days crowns can be made without metal. There are many advantages, the main one being esthetics, especially if it is towards the front of your mouth. The non-metal crown can also be bonded to the tooth. The way Dr. Pessoa cements these cosmetic porcelain crowns creates a fantastic seal, a perfect fit and look and feel just like teet

Even though crowning a tooth is one of the last options we propose to fix a tooth, there are times when they are necessary. Either a tooth that is severely damaged, or a failing crown already exists on a tooth. 

Recent advances in the strength of our porcelain materials have opened up many options for non-metal alternatives to crowns and bridges. 


For more information on PORCELAIN CROWNS AND BRIDGES please visit our FAQ page

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