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Your first visit to Draper Smiles is by far the most important one. We will spend the time performing a comprehensive exam, and preparing a treatment plan that is based not only on clinical information obtained but also on a your vision. This steps is vital to the successful outcome of the treatment and its long term stability for you.

Dr. Pessoa has spent many years learning from the best minds in dentistry and utilizing a unique protocol that helps him formulate an individualized treatment plan for each individual patient. This initial examination appointment may take up to 1.5 hours. It consists not only of a clinical evaluation, but also of an update of dental x-rays, initial 3D digital scan of your teeth, and digital photographs. For each patient, we evaluate a patient's needs based on their periodontal (gum & bone) health, biomechanical (existing tooth structure and previous dentistry), function (joint, bite and chewing), and cosmetic characteristics and desires.


A follow-up consultation may then be required to discuss possible treatment options, fees and the time associated with each option. Once the treatment needs have been established, we will assist you in coordinating the necessary appointments to manage the accepted treatment. We will also work closely with you to help facilitate any treatment that may involve other dental specialists.

Please click on the link below and fill out ALL of the forms BEFORE your schedule appointment. It will ensure we have all the necessary information to best serve you. We do not reserve additional time for paperwork in the office as to not take away from the time we need to best take care of you.

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