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Composite Bonding Veneers are a non-invasive treatment option used to improve the color, appearance, shape, proportions, strength, and function of a single tooth or of an entire smile. It can also be used to treat symptoms of cold sensitivity.

The surface of natural teeth are cleaned, polished, and prepared with a fine powdered air abrasion to allow the material to bond to the tooth. A composite resin is directly bonded to the surfaces of the tooth, and then shaped and polished to a beautiful and natural-looking luster.

Appointment 1: Initial Consultation (1 hour)

A comprehensive oral evaluation will be performed that includes:
Dental/Medical History Review
Oral Wellness Risk Assessment
3D Oral Scan (digital impression)
Smile Design Planning

Appointment 2: Basic Design (6-7 hours)

Under light/moderate sedation (client preference), the smile design with Composite Bonding Veneers is hand-crafted by Dr. Pessoa one tooth at a time.


The basic tooth shapes are created and the bite is adjusted accordingly. You leave with the completed basic smile design, but at this point, the Composite Bonding Veneers are still without the natural effects that will add depth, translucency and life to the final result.

During this time in between appointments 2 & 3, you are encouraged to analyze the things that like and the things that you would like modified (length, shade, color, etc).

Appointment 3: Natural Effects (2-3 hours)

You will share any feedback with Dr. Pessoa about how the new smile feels and any nuances that you would like modified.

Dr. Pessoa will thin out some of the material and layer natural effects that provide depth, translucency and life to your smile in addition to any smile design changes.

A 3D Scan of your smile is created to fabricate a clear-retainer for night-time wear which will serve as protection for new restorations from clenching and night-grinding.

Possible Lower teeth Whitening & Final "After" Photos are taken (if you come out of state. If not, we will deliver the retainer and take final photos & whitening on 

For more information on COMPOSITE BONDING VENEERS please visit our FAQ page

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