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Wisdom Teeth Extraction & IV sedation

What are common problems caused from wisdom teeth?

Pain in the jaw, swelling on the gums above the wisdom tooth, infection in the jaw bone, and crowding of the remaining teeth.

Should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

An Examination by Dr. Pessoa and an x-ray will help determine if there is room for eruption and normal occlusion of these teeth. Most often, even if there is room to "fit" these wisdom teeth, they tend to create other issues (such as cavities and gum issues) when in the mouth, mainly because of the difficulty of maintaining these teeth in the back of the mouth. If they are impacted in the jaw and not erupted, they should be surgically removed.

Wisdom Teeth Management 

Although having your wisdom teeth removed is not something that most people look forward to, being able to plan for this procedure before the chance of becoming an emergency, it's the wisest way to go about it. We make a strong effort so that you can look forward to being comfortable before, during and after the procedure. We utilize IV sedation for maximal comfort. 

Why Extract Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth typically grow between the ages of 17 to 25. If you:

  • Have impacted teeth that didn’t break through the gums properly

  • Have partially impacted teeth that cause infection or pain

  • Have wisdom teeth growing at an odd angle that is painful to the gums or other teeth

  • Have a small jaw that cannot adequately fit your permanent teeth and the wisdom teeth

  • Have cysts, tumors or other pathologies near the wisdom tooth area

  • Have a high risk for cavities, where this risk would be increased with the additional wisdom teeth

  • Have a high risk for gum disease, where this risk would be increased with the additional teeth.

Panoramic Xray for wisdom teeth removal
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