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This is what previous patients have said about Draper Smiles:

"After my first consult with Dr. Pessoa, I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Pessoa took his time to listen to all my concerns and proposed a great care plan for my teeth. Six veneers and one dental implant later, I feel amazing!! I am always scared of the dental needle, but Dr. Pessoa was very gentle. I would recommend Draper Smiles to anyone. He really is the best dentist I have ever been to!!"
-Lanette Homer, South Jordan, Utah

"Dr. Pessoa is so gracious and kind. He is a perfectionist in what he does."
-Suzy T., Lehi, Utah

"I have had a fear of dental work since I was a child. However, my visit with Dr. Pessoa at Draper Smiles made me feel very secure and safe. He was very professional, and I'm very pleased with my dental work."
-Amie O., Salt Lake City, Utah

"Before Dr. Pessoa, I was embarrassed about my smile. I heard he specialized in cosmetic rehabilitation, so I met with him several months ago. Since that time, Dr. Pessoa has completely restored my mouth the the beautiful smile I had in my youth. Thank you, Dr. Pessoa."
-Eliane R, San Francisco, CA

"I always felt like I couldn't smile and laugh like most people, due to my embarrassment of my front teeth. One was broken, and another was discolored. Dr. Pessoa made my smile beautiful and bright again. I couldn't thank him enough."
-Roberto O., San Francisco, CA

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